Contributions to Geology, 1932


Contributions to Geology, 1932. 216 p., 11 figs., 12 plates, 1932. Print Version.

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BL3201. Contributions to Geology, 1932. 216 p., 11 figs., 12 plates, 1932.


Ten papers:
(1) Texas Pennsylvanian Conodonts and Their Stratigraphic Relations, by C. R. Stauffer and H. J. Plummer
(2) Foraminiferal Evidence of the Midway-Wilcox Contact in Texas, by H. J. Plummer
(3) Fusulinids of the Big Lake Oil Field, Reagan County, Texas, by C. O. Dunbar
(4) A Pennsylvanian Sponge Fauna from Wise County, Texas, by R. H. King
(5) Xiphactinus audax, A Fish from the Cretaceous of Texas, by J. W. Stovall
(6) Geologic Notes on the Lower Cretaceous of Eagle Mountain and Vicinity, Tarrant County, Texas, by J. B. Hawley and J. P. Smith
(7) The Wortham-Mexia, Texas, Earthquake, by E. H. Sellards
(8) The Valentine, Texas, Earthquake, by E. H. Sellards
(9) Sandstone Dikes near Rockwall, Texas, by M. Kelsey and H. Denton
(10) A Study of Certain Pennsylvanian Conglomerates of Texas, by H. X. Bay.
Also contains a memorial to J. A. Udden; published as the Johan August Udden Memorial Volume.

Keywords: Pennsylvanian, conodonts, foraminifers, Reagan County, Wise County, Tarrant County, earthquakes, Midway-Wilcox contact, Johan A. Udden, Texas

Bureau of Economic Geology, The University of Texas at Austin, 1932, Contributions to Geology, 1932: University of Texas Bulletin 3201, 216 p.

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