Maps & Cross Sections

Sets of cross sections and compiled or single maps

Maps & Cross Sections 


  • Bouguer Gravity Atlas...

    Gravity maps of the Texas Panhandle

  • Cross Sections

    Sets of cross sections through selected areas of Texas, with accompanying explanatory text booklets

  • Energy and Mineral...

    Poster-sized color maps depicting areas of Texas containing energy, mineral, and geothermal resources

  • Geologic Atlas of Texas

    Oversized color maps, scale 1:250,000, showing surface geology

  • Geologic Quadrangle Maps

    Maps at quadrangle scales depicting surface geology of selected counties, mostly in Central Texas, 1950's-1988

  • Geological/Hydrologica...

    Portfolios of maps, cross sections, and text booklet depicting the geology and hydrology of the Wilcox Group in East Texas

  • Highway Geology Map

    Color, double-sided map, folded, showing Texas geology, major highway, and inset maps on selected topics. Published by AAPG, 1973.

  • Miscellaneous Maps,...

    Specialized maps and charts on various topics, areas, and map scales, some with booklets, 1950's to the present

  • River Basin Regional...

    Two map sets of the Guadalupe-Lavaca-San Antonio-Nueces river basins areas depicting San Antonio East-Llano and Seguin West-Austin West map areas

  • STATEMAP Project Maps

    Oversize, color geologic maps on a topographic base, scale 1:24,000, depicting various geologic quadrangles in Texas, with informal text booklet, 1990's to the present

  • Thematic Maps

    Page- and poster-size maps of Texas, each individually depicting the geology, tectonics, physiography, river basins, land resources, vegetation/cover types, aquifers, industrial minerals, soils, and ecoregions of Texas

  • Shoreline Change Posters

    Posters showing shoreline change along the Gulf of Mexico

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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items