This geographic tool is designed to help navigate all of the different maps available at the Bureau Store. User instructions below. 

Using the Map Based Search:

For clarity's sake only the three most commonly used map categories are displayed by default. Layers can be turned on and off with the checkboxes.

If you put your pointer over a layer name in the Map Layers list it will highlight those products on the map (if that layer is turned on), it will also give a brief description of that category. The list can be collapsed and expanded by clicking where it says 'Map Layers'

To navigate to a specific area: either use the location search in the top right corner, or zoom using the '+ / -' in the top left of the viewer (or your mouse wheel / trackpad). Click and hold the map to move it.

Clicking a rectangle will open a popup in the viewer with information about the available map(s), clicking on the image in the popup will take you to the product's page in the store, where it can be ordered. If there are overlapping rectangles, you can go between the choices by clicking on the arrows where it says 1 of 2 (for example) in the bottom right corner of the popup. You can also display all the options as a list by clicking between the two arrows in that same location.

You can also select all of the maps available within an area by using the 'select area by rectangle tool' on the left side of the viewer. The selection will only be made based on the current active layers.