Contributions to Geology, 1930. Digital Download


Contributions to Geology, 1930. 207 p., 28 figs., 11 plates, 1930. Digital Version.

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BL3001D. Contributions to Geology, 1930. 207 p., 28 figs., 11 plates, 1930. Downloadable PDF.

Eight papers:
(1) Subsidence in Gulf Coastal Plains Salt Domes, by E. H. Sellards.
(2) The Stratigraphy of the Trinity Division as Exhibited in Parker County, Texas.
(3) Ripple Marks of Large Size in the Fredericksburg Rocks West of Fort Worth, Texas, by G. Scott. (4) A Preliminary Report on the Geology of Montague County, Texas, by F. M. Bullard and R. H. Cuyler.
(5) New Rudistids from the Texas and Mexican Cretaceous.
(6 ) Texas Comanchean Echinoids of the Genus Macraster, by W. S. Adkins.
(7) Correlation of Five Oil Wells in North-Central Texas, by H. L. Johnson.
(8) Producing Horizons in the Big Lake Oil Field, Reagan County, Texas, by E. H. Sellards, H. P. Bybee, and H. A. Hemphill. Also contains a memorial to Paul Franklin Morse; published from the Paul Franklin Morse Memorial Publication Fund.

Keywords: Big Lake oil field, Comanchean, Cretaceous, echinoids, Fredericksburg group, Gulf Coastal Plain, Mexico, Montague County, P. F. Morse, Parker County, Reagan County, rudistids, rudists, salt domes, subsidence, stratigraphy, Texas, Trinity Division

Bureau of Economic Geology, 1930, Contributions to Geology, 1930: University of Texas, Austin, Bulletin 3001, 207 p.

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