Books & Reports

Research by Bureau of Economic Geology, Texas Memorial Museum, or other University of Texas authors

Books & Reports 


  • Annual Reports

    Annual Reports of research, events, and people at the Bureau of Economic Geology

  • Atlases of Major Oil...

    Oversized books about major reservoirs in Texas, U.S. Gulf Coast, U. S. Midcontinent, and the offshore Gulf of Mexico.

  • Down To Earth

    Popular, nontechnical guides to five state or national park sites in Texas.

  • Environmental Geologic...

    Detailed studies of the seven sections of the Texas Gulf Coast.

  • Guidebooks

    Nontechnical guides to popular sites of geologic interest in Texas and Mexico.

  • Geological Circulars

    Peer-reviewed geoscience research summaries, targeted on particular Bureau project areas in Texas and other locations, 1965–2003.

  • Handbooks

    Short treatises on particular topics, 1918-1984

  • Mineral Resource...

    Overviews of mineral resources and industries in Texas, 1930-1996

  • Reports of Investigations

    Comprehensive, peer-reviewed reports of Bureau research on energy and the environment in Texas, the U.S., and internationally, from 1946 to the present.

  • Submerged Lands of Texas

    Detailed inventory of Texas's coastal wetlands, bay-estuary-lagoons, and inner continental shelf systems.

  • Symposia

    Theme-specific anthologies of research presented at events, 1970-1992.

  • Other Reports

    Assorted publications on a variety of topics

  • Udden Series

    Books that highlight science, public policy, programs of national significance, or leaders in scientific and policy discourse. The series is named in honor of Johan A. Udden, eminent scientist and director of the Bureau of Economic Geology from 1915 through 1932.

  • Texas Memorial Museum...

    TMM research in anthropology, archeology, paleobotany, paleontology, and other disciplines

  • Seminars and Workshops

    Materials presented at Bureau Seminars and Workshops