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Contributions to the Geology of South Texas, 2010. CD-ROM


Contributions to the Geology of South Texas, 2010. John Long, Chief Editor. STGS 106SV CD. Print

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STGS 106SV CD. Contributions to the Geology of South Texas, 2010. John Long, Chief Editor. STGS 106SV CD, $35.00.


Raymond Jones

The Editors

A Message from Our President
Mark E. Thompson

Memories of South Texas Geological Society
Wilford Lee Stapp

Richard Sams

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Remote Sensing

As Seen From Space
Alf Hawkins and Leslie Provence, updated by David G. Roger

Canyon Lake Spillway

The Canyon Lake Gorge
Glen S. Tanck

Oligocene and Jackson

Papalote East Field, Bee County
Richard Sams

All Fill — No Spill: Slope Fan Sand Bodies in Growth-Faulted Subbasins:Oligocene Frio Formation, South Texas Gulf Coast
Ursula Hammes

Prado Field, Jim Hogg County
Chris Berg

Yegua and Queen CIty Randado Field, Jim Hogg County, Texas
Gerald Rolf

Fairways In the Downdip and Middip Yegua Trend — A Review of 25 Years of Exploration
Tom Ewing

Arroyo Grande Field, Starr County, Texas
Charles E. Kimmell


Sandstone Geometry and Environment of Deposition, Reklaw Formation (Middle Eocene), Southwest Dewitt County and North Goliad County
Gene L. Ames Ill and Lee Billingsley

Structure and Stratigraphy of Roleta Field, Zapata County, Texas
Steven Campbell

Moulton Gas Field
Stewart Chuber

The Carrizo-Wilcox Aquifer of South Texas: Groundwater Flow, Hydrochemistry, Origin and Ages
Radu Boghici

Lopena Field (Wilcox)
Richard Debus and Edward Rudder


New Bielau 8700 Wilcox Field
Stewart Chuber


Geology and Productivity of Aguilares and Glen Martin Fields, Webb County, Texas
Wilford Lee Stapp


The Structural Control of South Texas Upper Wilcox Shelf Margin and Slope Facies Deposition by Extensional Rafting: Salt Tectonic and Petroleum Exploration Implications
Joseph Carl Fiduk, Lynn E. Anderson and Mark G. Rowan

Major Transgressive Shales of the Wilcox, Northern Portion of South Texas
Richard Hargis

Charlene Field, Live Oak County
Phillip Forney

Facies and Environments of the Lobo Trend, Webb and Zapata Counties, Texas: Examples from Core
Albert W Shultz


Structural Framework and Sand Genesis of the Wilcox Group, Travis Ward Field, Jim Hogg County, Texas
Gerald E. Rolf

Bob West Field Revisited
Richard W Debus, Roger Espinosa and John Bissell


Sequence Stratigraphy of Marine Transgressions: the Transgressive Systems Tract, Its Related Aquifers, and Oil & Gas Production
Richard Sams

Simulation of Regional Flow in the Edwards Aquifer, San Antonio Area, Texas andRefinement of Storage and Flow Concepts
R. W Maclay

Geophysical Signature of Haby Crossing Fault and its Implication on Edwards Recharge Zone, Medina County, Texas
Mustafa Saribudak

Geologic Controls on Interaction Between the Edwards and Trinity Aquifers Balcones Fault System, Texas
David A. Ferrill


The Chicxulub Impact and K-T Mass Extinctions in Texas
Gerta Keller

Serbin-Taylor Field, Bastrop-Lee Counties, Texas
William G. Ellis

Upper Cretaceous (Post-Edwards) Stratigraphic Framework of the Maverick/Rio Escondido Basin, Southwest Texas and Coahuila -- A Progress Report
Thomas E. Ewing

Carbonates Regain the South Texas Spotlight (Carbonate Exploration in the Spotlight)
Richard Sams

Preliminary Investigation to estimate Fresh water-Saline Interface position in Trinity Aquifer
Alvin L. Schultz

Field Guide

Geology of U.S. Highway 90, West of Del Rio, Texas
Brian E. Lock

Structure of the Balcones Fault System and Architecture of the Edwards and Trinity Aquifers, South-Central Texas
David A. Ferrill, Alan P. Morris and Debora J. Waiting

Green Mountain Road: Austin, Pecan Gap and Gravels in the Balcones Fault Zone
Tom Ewing

Cathedral Park National Park (City of San Antonio) Austin and Holocene
Tom Ewing

Escondido Formation and Uvalde Gravel, Castroville Regional Park, Medina County
Tom Ewing

Paleodepositional Facies, Lower Cretaceous Cow Creek Member, Texas Hill Country
William Wilson



Jurassic Trend of South Texas
Gerald E. Rolf

The Sweet Home (Sligo) Field, Lavaca County, Texas
Mark E. Thompson

Stratigraphic Framework and Exploration Potential of Sligo Formation Carbonates (Lower Cretaceous) in South Texas
William A. Morgan and Dave Hanley

The Maverick Basin: New Technology-New Success
Robert Scott

Tectonic History of Lower Rio Grande Valley
Tom Ewing

Something Old and Something New in the Geology of South Texas
Richard Sams


Mountain Home Field
Dan Brennan

Phanerozoic Development of the Llano Uplift
Tom Ewing

Middle Pennsylvanian Strike-Slip faulting in the Llano Uplift
David Amsbury

Paleontology, Oil Prices, and Coalbed Methane

There are Bugs in the oil business--and they won't go away
Ernest Horton

Oil and Gas Prices. We know what's been, can we tell what is next?
Stanley (Lee) L. Perkins, Jr.

Coalbed Methane Potential of the Gulf Coast Region: Exploration Strategies
Andrew Scott

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