South Texas Uranium Province, Geologic Perspective


South Texas Uranium Province, Geologic Perspective, by W. E. Galloway, R. J. Finley, and C. D. Henry. 81 p., 54 figs., 2 tables, 1979. ISSN: 0363-4132. Print

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This guidebook reviews the geologic setting of South Texas uranium, as it is presently understood, as a preface to visiting stops selected to illustrate mineralization style and host geology. In addition to giving an overview of the district, the stops provide a thematic focus for discussion of structural, stratigraphic, and hydrologic features of the South Texas Uranium Province.

Stop 1: Panna Maria Project (Chevron)--Genetic stratigraphy and mineralization pattern of a marginal marine host (Jackson Group).
Stop 2: Road cut exposures of Catahoula paleosoils--Source and mobilization of uranium.
Stop 3: Gravel pit in axial Oakville channel system--Facies and hydrology of Coastal Plain fluvial systems.
Stop 4: Felder Uranium Mine (Exxon)--Mineralization of a fluvial host in an area of faulting and complex hydrologic history.
Stop 5: Road cut exposure of lower Goliad Sand--Exploration potential of the Plio-Pleistocene section.

Galloway, W. E., Finley, R. J., and Henry, C. D., 1979, South Texas Uranium Province, Geologic Perspective: The University of Texas at Austin, Bureau of Economic Geology, Guidebook 18, 81 p.

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