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Environmental Geology of the Austin Area: An Aid to Urban Planning. Digital Download


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RI0086D. Environmental Geology of the Austin Area: An Aid to Urban Planning, by L. E. Garner and K. P. Young. 39 p., 21 figs., 7 tables, 7 plates (including 3 in color), 1976. Downloadable PDF.

About This Publication
This report was first published in 1976 and has been reprinted many times. To purchase this publication in book form, please order RI0086.
 Plate VII, the Austingeology map, is available as a (43 MB) downloadable PDF as RX0001D.

Excerpted from the Introduction

The area described in this report comprises 712 square miles centered on the City of Austin. The area extends north almost to Round Rock, south to the vicinity of Buda, east to just beyond Manor, and west to about 5 miles west of Oak Hill. It includes approximately 604 square miles of Travis County, 38 square miles of Hays County, 18 square miles of Bastrop County, and 52 square miles of Williamson County.

The aim of this publication is to supply geologic information that can be used to prevent or minimize problems that arise during urban development. A series of maps has been constructed for this purpose; the maps illustrate distribution of topographic conditions, soils, surface drainage, physical properties, rock types, land use, and vegetation.

Base maps were compiled from 7.5- and 15-minute U.S. Geological Survey topographic maps and a 1970 edition of a map of the City of Austin. Basic geologic mapping was completed on aerial photographs at a scale of 1:20,000. Supplementary maps were prepared by combining data from the basic geologic map with soils, engineering, topographic, and vegetation data. Final maps were constructed at scales of 1:62,500 (approximately 1 inch equals 1 mile) and 1:125,000 (approximately 1 inch equals 2 miles).

Keywords: Austin area, environmental geology, maps, mapping, Bastrop County, Williamson County, Texas, urban geology, urban planning

Garner, L. E., and Young, K. P., 1976, Environmental Geology of the Austin Area: An Aid to Urban Planning: The University of Texas at Austin, Bureau of Economic Geology, Report of Investigations No. 86, 39 p.

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