Exploring Earth Science in Texas


Exploring Earth Science in Texas. Print Version.

For a downloadable, digital version: CB2020D.

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CB2020. Exploring Earth Science in Texas, A Coloring Book, by Linda Ruiz McCall and Francine M. Mastrangelo. 15 p., 2020.

About This Publication
The Exploring Earth Science in Texas Coloring Book was developed as public outreach to school children. The content, compiled from various sources, includes many of the key topics that are required for middle school students to master, while reinforcing concepts in earth science.

This is the paper version; pages are uncolored, and suggestions for colors to use are shown on each page.

For a free, downloadable version, please see CB2020D.

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Our Solar System
Earth’s Layers
Earth’s Tectonic Plates
The Rock Cycle
The Water Cycle
Topographic Maps
Texas Through Time Maps
   - 485 and 300 Million Years Ago  
   - 165 and 100 Million Years Ago  
     - 50 Million and 20 Thousand Years Ago
Texas Geologic Map
Geologic Time Scale
Featured Creatures from the Cenozoic Era
Featured Creatures from the Mesozoic Era
Featured Creatures from the Paleozoic Era

Keywords: coloring book, Texas geology, earth science

McCall, L. R., and Mastrangelo, F. M., 2020, Exploring Earth Science in Texas: The University of Texas at Austin, Bureau of Economic Geology, CB2020, 15 p.

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