Tectonic Map of Texas for GIS. Digital Download


Tectonic Map of Texas for GIS. Downloadable files. Digital Version.

For a print version: SMGIS0001.

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This product contains the digital version of the Tectonic Map of Texas, the GIS database, and the "Tectonic Framework of Texas" text. The map compiled by T. E. Ewing in 1990 depicts the architecture of the earth’s crust and indicates the main stages of its formation and deformation.  This tectonic map summarizes knowledge of surface and subsurface regional structural geology of the state of Texas.  Adjoining areas of Mexico, New Mexico, and Oklahoma are included to portray major tectonic elements in their entirety. The GIS database contains high-resolution georeferenced scans of the map.  The features have been digitized and are provided in vector format.  The shapefiles include the attributes shown on the map and in the explanation.  An ArcMap project file (MXD) is included to display these data. Compiled by Cari L. Breton, 2013

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