Hydrogeology of Trans-Pecos Texas


Hydrogeology of Trans-Pecos Texas. C. W. Kreitler and J. M. Sharp, Jr., editors. 120 p., 30 figs., 1 table, 1990. ISSN: 0363-4132. Print

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"This guidebook grew out of our interest in the hydrogeology of desert environments. After we participated in Marty Mifflin and Jay Quade's 1988 field trip through eastern Nevada; we realized that, although there were many similarities, the hydrogeology of Trans-Pecos Texas was quite different from what we had observed in Nevada. Thus the seed was planted for this field trip and guidebook. We hope that those who participate in this trip will likewise become intrigued with the hydrogeology of West Texas and will return to their own hydrologic environments, arid or otherwise, with some new approaches and concepts.

The guidebook is a compendium of information on the hydrogeology of Trans-Pecos Texas. It includes a road log for the 2-1/2-day trip, a list of references cited in the road log, six technical papers, and seven papers previously published in scattered symposia and other guidebooks. These papers provide greater detail than can be contained in the road log."

Kreitler, C. W., and Sharp, J. M., Jr., editors, Hydrogeology of Trans-Pecos Texas: The University of Texas at Austin, Bureau of Economic Geology, Guidebook 25, 120 p.

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