Cenozoic Geology of the Trans-Pecos Volcanic Field of Texas


Cenozoic Geology of the Trans-Pecos Volcanic Field of Texas. A. W. Walton and C. D. Henry, Editors. 202 p., 1979. ISSN: 0363-4132. Print

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A collection of papers presented in Alpine, Texas 1978 at a conference about the Trans-Pecos area. There is also a section of potential field trips in the region:

"The Trans-Pecos area of Texas has been intensively studied since the l950's, but much of the work resides in theses and dissertations. The area has been mapped as thoroughly as any volcanic region of the United States. As geologic mapping became available, more specialized studies have been initiated to cover a broad range of problems on volcanic rocks. This guidebook is evidence of the current status of such studies, most of which are yet unpublished. The conference and guidebook were designed to promote an interchange of ideas and to present results of research, not only among geologists actively involved in Trans-Pecos Texas, but also among the broader community of geologists interested in volcanic processes and deposits."

Walton, A. W., and Henry, C. D., editors., 1979, Cenozoic Geology of the Trans-Pecos Volcanic Field of Texas: The University of Texas at Austin, Bureau of Economic Geology, Guidebook 19, 202 p.

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