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GCAGS Journal, Volume 3 (2014)


GCAGS Journal, Volume 3 (2014). Print

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GCAGS J03. GCAGS Journal, Volume 3 (2014). A Publication of the Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies. T. F. Hentz, editor; J. J. Willis, managing editor. Howard Creasey, T. E. Ewing, A. M. Goodliffe, B. J. Katz, R. P. Major, M. J. Nault, and J-P Nicot, associate editors. Hardbound, color, 134 p., 2014. GCAGS J03, $25.00.

About This Publication

This annual, peer-reviewed publication by the Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies contains 10 peer-reviewed articles on various aspects of Texas and U.S. Gulf Coast geology. ISBN 987-0-9883883-3-8.



Facies Variability and Reservoir Quality in the Shelf-to-Slope Transition, Upper
Cretaceous (Cenomanian) Woodbine Group, Northern Tyler and Southeastern Polk Counties, Texas, U.S.A.
William A. Ambrose, Tucker F. Hentz, and David Smith

Origin, Transportation, and Deformation of Mesozoic Carbonate Rafts in the Northern Gulf of Mexico

J. Carl Fiduk, Marianne Clippard, Sarah Power, Vivian Robertson, Lynn Rodriguez, Omoyele Ajose, Dan Fernandez, and Daniel Smith

Reservoir Quality and Porosity-Permeability Trends in Onshore Wilcox Sandstones, Texas and Louisiana Gulf Coast:  Application to Deep Wilcox Plays, Offshore Gulf of Mexico

Shirley P. Dutton and Robert G. Loucks               

Impact on Sedimentation into the North-Central Deepwater Gulf of Mexico as a Result of the Chixculub Event

Erik Scott, Richard Denne, James Kaiser, and David Eickhoff      

Scanning-Electron-Microscope Petrographic Evidence for Distinguishing Organic-Matter Pores Associated with Depositional Organic Matter versus Migrated Organic Matter in Mudrock
Robert G. Loucks and Robert M. Reed 

A Laboratory Microcosm Study of Macondo Oil Degradation in a Coastal Salt Marsh
Daniel J. Fields, YueHan Lu, and Rona J. Donahoe

Predicting Potential Unconventional Production in the Tuscaloosa Marine Shale Play Using Thermal Modeling and Log Overlay Analysis

Hunter Berch and Jeffrey A. Nunn         

Examination of Deltaic Processes of Mississippi River Outlets—Caernarvon Delta and Bohemia Spillway in Southeastern Louisiana
John A. Lopez, Theryn K. Henkel, Andreas M. Moshogianis, Andy D. Baker, Ezra C. Boyd, Eva R. Hillmann, Paul F. Connor, and David B. Baker           

Coastal Studies Institute:  A History of Science Contributions for 60 Years

Harry H. Roberts, James M. Coleman, and H. Jesse Walker            

Application of Production Decline Curve Analysis to Clastic Reservoir Facies Characterization within a Sequence Stratigraphic Framework:  Example—Frio Formation, South Texas

John D. Pigott and Bryant W. Bradley

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