Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies

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GCAGS Journal, Volume 1 (2012)


GCAGS Journal, Volume 1 (2012). Hardbound, color, 185 p., 2012. Print

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GCAGS J01. GCAGS Journal, Volume 1, 2012. A Publication of the Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies. T. F. Hentz, editor; J. J. Willis, managing editor; H. Creasey, T. E. Ewing, A. M. Goodliffe, B. J. Katz, B. E. Lock, R. P. Major, and M. J. Nault, associate editors. Hardbound, color, 185 p., 2012.  GCAGS J01, $25.00. Contains 13 articles on various topics related to Texas and U.S. Gulf Coast geology. ISBN 978-0-9883883-1-4.

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