Annual Report 2007. Digital Download


Annual Report 2007. 28 p. Digital Version.

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AR2007D. Annual Report 2007. 28 p. Downloadable PDF.

Director's Message

Bureau Highlights
    Preparations for Bureau Centennial Celebration [with 1975 Bureau group photo]
    FutureGen Update [with photo of FutureGen group]
    Jackson in Paris
    Bureau Fame Spreads---from TV to the Worldwide Web [with photos of Scott Tinker and Sue Hovorka]
    Bureau in the [Christian Science] Monitor [with photo of Becky Smyth in Snyder, TX]

Global Bureau Research
     RCRL in Saudi Arabia
     Center for Energy Economics (CEE) in Africa [with photo of Michelle Foss, Eric Potter,and African visitors]
     Applied Geodynamics Laboratory (AGL) in the Mediterranean
     International Research in Clastic Continental Margins
     FRAC in Latin America
     Carbonate Project with Petrobras in Brazil
     Bureau Global CO2 Collaborators

International Travel [with photos]

Diversity of International Research Staff [with photos and short biographies of 31 Bureau international staff)

Public Outreach and Education
      CEE Hosts MBA Students from Alberta
      Bureau Welcomes Middle/High School Winners of AGS Poster Contest [with photo of Becky Smyth]
      Explore UT Bureau Contribution [with photo of Sue Hovorka and daughter Maggie]
      Bureau Hosts Scientific Software Day
      Conference for the Advancement of Science Teaching (CAST) [with photos of Sigrid Clift and Dallas Dunlap and Scott Rodgers]
       Earth Science Week [with photos of Sigrid Clift, Julia Gale]
       Texas High School Monitoring Program (THSCMP)
       Bureau Welcomes Science Teachers
       HRC Hosts First Annual Houston Geoscience Day
       Identification Day at Texas Natural Science Center [with photo of Rob Reed]
       Houston Kids Tour Austin

Awards and Honors [with photos of all award winners]
       Bridget Scanlon
       Mike Hudec
       Wayne Wright, Xavier Janson
       Scott Tinker
       Milo Backus, Paul Murray, Bob Graebner, and Bob Hardage
       Sergey Fomell
       Shirley Dutton
       Frank Brown
       Center for Energy Economics (CEE)
       Mike Hudec and Martin Jackson
       Rob Reed, Bob Loucks, Julia Gale, Bill Ambrose
       Steve Laubach
       Flo Bonnaffe
       Angela McDonnell
       Ursula Hammes
       Hongliu Zeng
       Students Nysha Chaderton, Ned Frost, Vishal Maharaj, Bryce Wagner, Chad Weisenburger
       Jamie Coggin - Jackson School Staff Excellence Award
       Joseph Yeh - University of Texas Staff Excellence Award

Bureau Transitions
        Bill White -"retired for good this year"
        New Research Staff [with photos]: Stephen Becker, David Carr, Paul Ching, Peter Flemings, John Gates.
        Scott Hamlin (returning), Fares Howari, Rebecca Jones (returning_, Cary King, Yang Liu, Sojan Mathew, Douglas McCowan, Lorena Moscardelli, Sean Murphy, Ian Norton, Chris Ogiesoba, Jeff Vincent, Chris Zahm
        New Support Staff [with photos]: Jennifer Hicks, Katherine Jolly, Devin Krieg, Cory Welch

Bureau Publications

Outside Publications (Peer-Reviewed)

Bureau Finances and Staff Trends

Keywords: BEG, Bureau of Economic Geology, annual reports, Texas, Texas geology

Bureau of Economic Geology, John A. and Katherine G. Jackson School of Geosciences, The University of Texas at Austin, 2008, Annual Report 2007, 28 p.

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