Annual Report 2009. Digital Download


Annual Report 2009. 36 p. 100th Anniversary. Digital Version.

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AR2009D. Annual Report 2009. 36 p. 100th Anniversary. Downloadable PDF.

Director's Message

Bureau Highlights
    Bureau Centennial Recognized at the State Legislature [with photo]
    FutureGen Facility in Texas
    Sharon Mosher Named Dean of the Jackson School of Geosciences [with photo of Dean Mosher]
    DOE Announces $4.8-Million-Dollar Grant to Bureau for Characterizing Texas Gulf Coast Offshore Reservoirs for Potential CO2 Sequestration [with photo of Ramon Trevino, Tip Meckel, Ian Duncan, and Sue Hovorka]
    New RPSEA Proposal Award Recipients [with photos of Fred Wang, Bob Hardage, Sergey Fomel, Peter Eichhubl, Steve Laubach, and J.-P. Nicot]
    GCCC's Cranfield Study--Giant Step in Carbon Sequestration
    New DOE Funding [with photos of Bob Hardage, Ian Duncan, and Steve Laubach]
    Delegation from China Hosted by Bureau [with group photo]
    Tinker, Hovorka, and Hardage in the News [with photos]
    RCRL Goes Spelunking [with group photo]
    Bureau Retreat [with group photo]
    AEC Funding Reaches $6 Million
    Ghana Delegation Welcomed by CEE [with group photo]
    25 years Strong! [with group photo of BEG staffers in the "new' building 25 years later]
    Submarine Mass Movements and Their Consequences [with photo of Lorena Moscardelli and others]

The Bureau Celebrates 100 Years
     Distinguished Lecturers [with photos]
     Bureau of Economic Geology: The First 100 Years [with timeline and photos of Bureau Directors]
     Centennial Coffee-Table Book: Earth's Art
Centennial Podcasts [with photos of Paul Murray and Sue Hovorka]
Bureau Centennial Symposium [with group photos of Scott Tinker and others]
     The 20th-Century Bureau [with text by and photo of William L. Fisher]
     The 21st-Century Bureau [with text by and photo of Scott W. Tinker]
     The Water-Energy Nexus [with text by and photo of Bruce Cutright]

 Public Outreach & Education
      Industry Day at the Bureau
      Bureau Hosts Scientific Software Day
      Explore UT
      Earth Science Week/Career Fair [with photo of Sean Murphy and Claudia Gerardo and students]
      Texas High School Coastal Monitoring Program [with photos of Tiffany Caudle and students]
Awards and Honors [with photos of all award winners; Susie Doenges Named First Bureau of Economic Geology Alumna of the Year]
Bureau Transitions
      Joel Lardon Bids Bureau Adieu [with photo of Joel Lardon]
      In Memoriam: Robert Sanchez [with photo with Scott Tinker]

      New Research Staff [with photos: Hector Ricardo Castrejon-Pineda, David Chapman, Roman Kazinnik, Gang Luo, Maria Nikolinakou, Nathan Sheffer. Jeff Sprowl, Harinarayana Tirumalachetty, Harikishan Jayanthi]

      New Support Staff [with photos]: David Boling, Gwen Hebert, Cathy Brown, Melissa Garcia, Liz Hill-Aiello
Bureau Publications

Peer-Reviewed Publications by Bureau Researchers

Bureau of Economic Geology Visiting Committee Members

Bureau Finances and Staff Trends

Keywords: BEG, Bureau of Economic Geology, annual reports, Texas, Texas geology

Bureau of Economic Geology, John A. and Katherine G. Jackson School of Geosciences, The University of Texas at Austin, 2010, Annual Report 2009, 36 p.

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