Annual Report 2003. Digital Download


Annual Report 2003. 20 p. Digital Version.

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AR2003D. Annual Report 2003.  20 p. Downloadable PDF.

Front matter

Director's Message

Organizational Highlights
   Jackson School Charts Course [with photo at the dedication of the Jackson School building, April 25, 2003: Scott Tinker, William Fisher, Peter Flawn, Mary Ann Rankin, Anna Louise Graeter, Jim Langham, and Larry Faulkner]
   Houston Research Center Expands Collection and Services
   Media Technologies Department -with photos of Joel Lardon, Pat Alfano, John Ames, Paula Beard, Jamie Coggin, Lana Dieterich, Susie Doenges, Sylvia Jennette, Amanda Masterson, Kerza Prewitt, Jana Robinson, Scott Rodgers, and David Stephens
   Research Through Partnerships
   Changes in Bureau Staff [with photos of Rick Richardson, Jerry Mullican, James Doss, and Jay Kipper]

   Earth Systems
   New Initiatives [GCCC, FRST]

Public Outreach and Education
   Earth Science Week
   University Lands Advanced Resource Recovery Initiative

Public Information Resources
   Core Research Centers
   The Data Center
   Publication Sales
   Support Staff
      Administrative [Wanda LaPlante]
      Contract Management [Lynda Miller]
      Facilities Management [George T. Bush]
      Information Technology Services [Ron Russell]
      Media Technology Services [Joel Lardon]

Bureau Finances and Staff

Keywords: BEG, Bureau of Economic Geology, annual reports, Texas, Texas geology

Bureau of Economic Geology, John A. and Katherine G. Jackson School of Geosciences, The University of Texas at Austin, 2004, Annual Report 2003, 20  p.

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