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Well Records of Sutton County Texas


WR0013. Well Records of Sutton County Texas. 8 p., 1929. Print Version.

For a downloadable, digital version: WR0013D.

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WR0013. Well Records of Sutton County [Texas]. 8 p., 1929.

About the Well Record (WR) Series
[These] circulars issued from the Bureau of Economic Geology contain the record of cores and cuttings from well received and described in the Bureau. In some instances, driller's logs and other data are given, although it is usually impracticable to include logs of all wells, the logs given being selected as representative of the county or area to which the circular relates. The elevations given are for the most part those reported with the driller's log. In some instances the elevation given, as indicated, is that obtained from the location of the well on the topographic map. In all cases the elevation is to be regarded as approximate only.--- E. H. Sellards

About This Document
This circular consists of this record, 170 to 1406 ft depth:

The Ross Well in Sutton County, located about 10 miles from south and 16 miles from east county line. Diamond drill core. Samples described by E. H. Sellards and O. M. Richey, submitted by T. C. Hadley, 1923. All samples are cores.

Keywords: driller's logs, oil wells, cores, Sutton County, Texas

Bureau of Economic Geology, The University of Texas at Austin, Well Records of Sutton County [Texas], WR0013, 8 p., 1929