The Yegua Problem. Digital Download


The Yegua Problem, by H. B. Stenzel. 1938. Digital Version.

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PB3820D. The Yegua Problem, by H. B. Stenzel. A preprint release. Included with revision as Publication 3945(q). Downloadable PDF.

From the Preface
Doctor Stenzel's report on "The Yegua Problem" consists of two distinct parts. One part treats the facts and observations in the field and laboratory. The other part treats the question of nomenclatorial procedure. The latter part raises a question in which many geologists will be interested...

Keywords: Yegua formation, nomenclature

Stenzel, H. B., 1938, The Yegua Problem: The University of Texas, Austin, Publication 3820, 33 p., 1 chart.