Contributions to Geology, 1939. Digital Download


Contributions to Geology, 1939. 1125 p., 179 figs., 68 plates, 1939. Not available in paper format. Digital Version.

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PB3945D. Contributions to Geology, 1939. 1125 p., 179 figs., 68 plates, 1939. Downloadable PDF only; not available in paper format.


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Twenty papers: (a) Crinoids from the Upper Carboniferous and Permian Strata in Texas, by R. C. Moore and F. B. Plummer. (b) North American Tektites. (c) Catalogue of Texas Meteorites and (d) The Stony Meteorite from Cuero, Texas. (e) The Stony Meteorite from Kimble County, Texas. (f) The Iron Meteorite from Nordheim, Texas. (g) Pseudotachylite in Meteorites, by V. E. Barnes.(h) The Kendleton, Texas, Meteorite Fall of May 2, 1939, by F. F. Fouts and J. J. King. (i) Dreikanters from the Basal Hickory Sandstone of Central Texas, by V. E. Barnes and G. A. Parkinson. (j) A Pliocene Vertebrate Fauna from Higgins, Lipscomb County, Texas, by C. J. Hesse. (k) The Borger, Texas, Earthquake of June 19, 1936, by E. H. Sellards. (l) Gastropoda of the Kiamichi Shale of the Texas Panhandle, by M. A. Stainbrook. (m) New Eocene Brachiopods from the Gulf and Atlantic Coastal Plain and (n) Tertiary Nautiloids from the Gulf Coastal Plain, by H. B. Stenzel. (o) The Gastropod Genera Cryptochorda and Lapparia in the Eocene of Gulf Coastal Plain. (p) Turritellidae from the Paleocene and Eocene of the Gulf Coast, by H. B. Stenzel and F. E. Turner. (q) The Yegua Problem, by H. B. Stenzel. r. A Bismuth-Molybdenum Prospect (Kiam Prospect) of Llano County, Texas, by H. B. Stenzel and V. E. Barnes. (s) Subsurface Division of the Ellenburger Formation in North-Central Texas, by L. Hendricks. (t) Cephalopods from the Cretaceous Trinity Group of the South-Central United States, by G. Scott.

Keywords: Crinoids, Upper Carboniferous, Permian, tektites, meteorites, Cuero, Kimble County, Nordheim, dreikanters, Hickory Sandstone, Pliocene, vertebrates, Lipscomb County, Borger, earthquakes, gastropods, Kiamichi Shale, Panhandle, Eocene, brachiopods,Gulf Coastal Plain, Atlantic Coastal Plain, Tertiary, nautiloids,Yegua, Kiam Prospect, Llano County, Ellenburger Formation, North-Central Texas, cephalopods, Cretaceous, Trinity Group, Texas

University of Texas, Austin, Bureau of Economic Geology, 1939, Contributions to Geology, 1939, 1125 p.