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Road Materials of Texas, by J. P. Nash. 70 p., 19 plates, 1915. Digital Version.

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BL0062D. Road Materials of Texas, by J. P. Nash. 70 p., 19 plates, 1915. Downloadable PDF.

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From the Foreword (by J. A. Udden, 1915)
The coming of the horseless vehicles has given a great impetus to the building of good roads. Our citizens are now spending larger sums than ever before to open and to improve rural and interurban routes of communication. In the apparent simplicity of the engineering problems connected with such improvements, there lurks the danger of inefficient direction and supervision of the work for which the public is taxed. In this part of the world we have had comparatively little experience in the art of building public highways. We have hardly yet learned to appreciate the value of technical knowledge acquired in this line inother lands, and in our own country.

engineering geology, highways, roads, materials testing, Texas

Nash, J. P., 1915, Road Materials of Texas: University of Texas, Austin, Bureau of Economic Geology and Technology, Bulletin 62, 70 p.