Contributions to Geology, 1929


Contributions to Geology, 1929. 226 p., 6 plates, 1929. Print Version.

For a downloadable, digital version: BL2901D.

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BL2901. Contributions to Geology, 1929. 226 p., 6 plates, 1929.

Nine papers:
(1) Depositional History of the Red Beds and Saline Residues of the Texas Permian.
(2) Notes on the Permian Chinati Series of West Texas, by C. L.Baker.
(3) The Texas Meteor of June 23, 1928, by E. H. Sellards.
(4) The Paleozoic of the Pedernales River Valley in Gillespie and Blanco Counties.
(5) The Pratt Well in Webb County, by R. A. Jones.
(6) The Pennsylvanian Ostracoda from Menard County, Texas, by B. H. Harlton.
(7) A Yegua Eocene Delta in Brazos County, Texas, by L. C. Reed and O. M. Longnecker, Jr.
(8) The University Deep Well in Reagan County, Texas, by E. H. Sellards and W. Williams.
(9) Upper Cretaceous Taylor Ammonites from Texas, by W. S. Adkins.

Keywords: ammonites, Blanco County, Brazos County, Chinati, deltas, depositional history, Gillespie County, meteors,  oil wells, ostracodes, Paleozoic, Pedernales River Valley, Pennsylvanian, Permian, Reagan County, red beds, Texas, Webb County, Yegua

Bureau of Economic Geology, 1929, Contributions to Geology, 1929: University of Texas, Austin, Bureau of Economic Geology, 226 p.

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