Contributions to Geology, 1928


Contributions to Geology, 1928. 202 p., 6 plates, 1928. Print Version.

For a downloadable, digital version: BL2801D.

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BL2801. Contributions to Geology, 1928. 202 p., 6 plates, 1928.

Six papers:

(1) The Economic Importance of Salt Domes, by D. C. Barton.
(2) A Neglected Field in Stratigraphy, by J. A. Udden.
(3) Vertebrate Faunal Horizons in the Texas Permo-Carboniferous Red Beds, by A. Romer.
(4) The Pennsylvanian and Permian Stratigraphy of the Glass Mountains, by P. B. King and R. E. King.
(5) Pseudo-Igneous Rock and Baked Shale from the Burning of Lignite, Freestone County, Texas, by J. T. Lonsdale and D. J. Crawford.
(6) Core Drill Tests for Potash in Midland County, Texas, by E. H. Sellards and E. P. Schoch.

Keywords: fauna, Freestone County, Glass Mountains, lignite, Midland County, potash, red beds, salt domes, Texas

Bureau of Economic Geology, 1928, Contributions to Geology, 1928: University of Texas, Austin, Bulletin 2801, 202 p.

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