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Katemcy Quadrangle, Texas


Geologic Map of the Katemcy Quadrangle, Texas, by B. A. Elliott. 2020. Print Version.

For a downloadable, digital version: OFM0244D.

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This map is constructed for the study of sand resources in the region. The map shows the distribution of geologic units south of the town of Brady, in the Central Texas sand district southeast of the town of Voca, in the Katemcy quadrangle. Geologic units were mapped and structural measurements were taken in the field; where bedrock units are covered by surficial units and vegetation, or access is limited, units were interpreted using aerial imagery, soil data, well-drilling records, and previous mapping

Keywords: maps, geologic maps, Katemcy area, Texas


Elliott, B. A., 2020, Geologic Map of the Katemcy Quadrangle, Texas: The University of Texas at Austin, Bureau of Economic Geology, Oepn-File Map No. 244, scale 1:24,000.