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Cretaceous Carbonates of Texas and Mexico: Applications to Subsurface Exploration


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RI0089D. Cretaceous Carbonates of Texas and Mexico: Applications to Subsurface Exploration. D. G. Bebout and R. G. Loucks, Editors. 25 papers, 322 p., 1977.

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Excerpted from the Objectives and Scope
The objectives of this symposium [were] (1) to bring together individuals from universities and industry who have conducted research on Cretaceous carbonates, in order to accelerate communication, exchange ideas, and discuss differences of opinion; (2) to emphasize subsurface carbonate studies but to include outcrop investigations which provide insight into interpreting the subsurface; (3) to cover all aspects of carbonate studies--regional geological setting, facies and depositional environments, paleontology, and diagenesis.

The … papers and abstracts include studies of regional stratigraphy, facies and depositional environments, diagenesis, geochemistry, paleontology, seismic stratigraphy, porosity, and hydrocarbon production and economics…. Some consider the subsurface exclusively; others, the outcropping Cretaceous; and still others describe both the outcrop and the subsurface…

A majority of the papers cover Cretaceous carbonates of South and Central Texas, while a few deal with the extensive but less well known Cretaceous carbonates of West Texas. Studies of the Mexican Cretaceous are also included, with much attention given to outcropping facies that are similar to subsurface facies in Texas. Most of the papers are concerned with carbonates of Aptian, Albian, and Cenomanian age, which are widespread in the subsurface and on the outcrop of Texas and Mexico, although several cover older carbonates (Berriasian-Berremian) from the outcrop in Mexico. Two papers discuss the younger subsurface Texas carbonates of Coniacian to Campanian age.

Keywords: carbonates, Cretaceous, Central Texas, South Texas, Mexico, subsurface, conference proceedings, Texas

Bebout, D. G., and Loucks, R. G., editors, 1977, Cretaceous Carbonates of Texas and Mexico: Applications to Subsurface Exploration: The University of Texas at Austin, Bureau of Economic Geology, Report of Investigations No. 89, 322 p.

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