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High Purity Marble Falls Limestone, Burnet County, Texas. Digital Download


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RI0017D. High Purity Marble Falls Limestone, Burnet County, Texas, by V. E. Barnes. 27 p., 3 figs., 1952. Downloadable PDF.

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Chemical analyses show that a reef approximately 100 feet thick in the lower portionof the Marble Falls limestone near Marble Falls, Burnet County, Texas, is exceptionally pure. Only the Honeycut formation, of the other formations described, contains limestone that might be of value.The type section of the Marble Falls limestone is described, including thin-section and insoluble residue descriptions.

Keywords: Burnet County, Honeycut Formation, Marble Falls limestone, Texas



General setting

Geologic formations

Ordovician system

Lower Ordovician (Ellenburger group)

Honeycut formation

Devonian system

Stribling formation

Mississippian system

Ives breccia

Chappel limestone

Barnett formation

Pennsylvanian system

Marble-Falls limestone

Smithwick shale

Quaternary alluvium and high gravel

Economic geology

High purity Marble Falls limestone

Limestone in Honeycut formation



1. Geologic map of an area in vicinity of Marble Falls, Burnet County, Texas

2. Lithology and insoluble residues of Marble Falls limestone in type section

3. Geologic map of an area in the vicinity of Slickrock Creek, Llano and Burnet counties, Texas


1. Percent of insoluble residue in the type section of the Marble Falls limestone, Burnet County, Texas

2. Chemical composition of reef in lower portion of Marble Falls limestone at type section

3. Recast of analyses in table 2 showing amount of carbonates present

Barnes, V. E., 1952, High Purity Marble Falls Limestone, Burnet County, Texas: The University of Texas at Austin, Bureau of Economic Geology, Report of Investigations No. 17, 27 p.

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