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A Glossary of Salt Tectonics. Digital Download


A Glossary of Salt Tectonics, by M. P.A. Jackson and C. J. Talbot. 44 p., 19 figs., 2 tables, 3 appendices, 1991. Digital Version.

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GC9104D. A Glossary of Salt Tectonics, by M.P.A. Jackson and C. J. Talbot. 44 p., 19 figs., 2 tables, 3 appendices, 1991. Downloadable PDF

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In response to a need for a concise presentation of new terms and concepts in salt tectonics, we have compiled a glossary that focuses on ideas developed during the 1980's. Unlike conventional glossaries, ours is conceptual rather than alphabetical; each term is defined in the context of preceding terms. When known, the first paper to define or develop a new term has been cited. The purpose of this glossary is to promote a common language for salt tectonics, so that terminology and concepts will be better understood and so that the discipline will continue to develop.

Keywords: glossaries, lexicons, salt tectonics, terminology

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Jackson, M.P.A., and Talbot, C. J., 1991, A Glossary of Salt Tectonics: The University of Texas at Austin, Bureau of Economic Geology, Geological Circular 91-4, 44 p. 

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