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GCAGS Journal, Volume 11 (2022)


GCAGS Journal, Volume 11 (2022). A Publication of the Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies. Print

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GCAGS Journal, Volume 11 (2022). A Publication of the Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies. R.K. Merrill, editor; J. J. Willis, Managing Editor; Haoran Xia, Jeff McCartney, and Ibrahim Çemen, Associate Editors. 9 articles, 136 p. ISBN: 978-8-9876054-1-7



Textures, Mineralogy, and Reservoir Properties of an Altered Mafic Tuff Core from the Upper Cretaceous (Lower Campanian) of Central Texas
Robert M. Reed and Robert G. Loucks

Depositional Systems, Lithofacies, and Lithofacies Stacking Patterns of the Jurassic Smackover Formation (Oxfordian) and Buckner Anhydrite (Kimmeridgian) in Van Zandt County, Texas: A Type-Cored Section from Northeastern Texas
Peter Schemper, Robert G. Loucks, and Qilong Fu

Depositional Systems, Lithofacies, and Reservoir Characterization of the Upper Cretaceous Austin Chalk, Brookeland and Burr Ferry Fields in East Texas and Western Louisiana
Robert G. Loucks, Sheng Peng, Kelly E. Hattori, Priyanka Periwal, Josh R. Lambert, Christopher K. Zahm, and Lucy T. Ko

The Early Cretaceous Transition from Carbonate to Siliciclastic Deposition in the Deep Waters of the Northern Gulf of Mexico: New Insights from the Keathley Canyon 102 #1 Well
Michael L. Sweet, Marcie Purkey Phillips, Robert Cunningham, John W. Snedden, and Ryan Weber

Preliminary Source Rock Evaluation of the Lower Cenozoic Toledo Formation, Belize Basin, Southern Belize
Jason D. Fisher and David T. King, Jr.

Outcrop Evidence for Variations in Channel-Floodplain Facies and Stratal Architectures across the Simsboro to Calvert Bluff Transition, Wilcox Group, Butler, Texas
Peter P. Flaig, Christopher N. Denison, William A. Ambrose, and Thomas D. Demchuk

Influence of Stratigraphic Modeling Scales on Shale Oil Resources Assessment of the Midland Basin
Robin Dommisse

Barremian-Albian Larger Benthic Foraminiferal Zones (Lower Cretaceous), Gulf of Mexico Region: A Key to Correlating Carbonate Reservoirs
Robert W. Scott

The Lower Cretaceous Hensel–Glen Rose Stratigraphic Couplet in the Llano Uplift, Central Texas
Peter R. Rose

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