Regional Cross Sections of the Texas Panhandle: Precambrian to Mid-Permian


Regional Cross Sections of the Texas Panhandle: Precambrian to Mid-Permian, by C. R. Handford, S. P. Dutton, and P. E. Fredericks. 8 p., 2 figs., 1 table, 7 pls., 1981. Print Version.

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The Texas Panhandle traditionally has been an important source of mineral resources, especially petroleum, and resources will continue to contribute heavily to the economy of the area.  The seven cross sections of this report synthesize the subsurface geology of the region. They illustrate the genetic stratigraphic framework of the pre-evaporite, principally Pennsylvanian and Lower Permian, rocks in those parts of the Anadarko, Dalhart, Palo Duro, and northern Midland Basins that lie within the Texas Panhandle. Six depositional systems and component facies are delineated and illustrated on the cross sections: wadi plain, sabkha, fan delta, delta, shelf and shelf margin, and basin and slope.

The cross sections are all published at a vertical scale of 1 inch = 800 ft and a horizontal scale of 1 inch = 12 mi. In addition to the cross sections, the report also contains a bibliography of papers on Panhandle geology and modern and ancient depositional systems similar to those of the Panhandle.

Regional cross sections of the Texas Panhandle


Selected Bibliography

1. Structural elements of the Texas Panhandle and adjacent area
2. Index map showing locations of cross sections

1. Wells used on cross section

Regional cross sections A-A’ through G-G’, Texas Panhandle

Handford, C. R., Dutton, S. P., and Fredericks, P. E., 1981, Regional Cross Sections of the Texas Panhandle: Precambrian to Mid-Permian: The University of Texas at Austin, Bureau of Economic Geology, Cross Section CS 1, 8 p., 7 plates.

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