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CS0006D. Regional Cross Sections: Central Basin Platform, West Texas, by D. G. Bebout, and K. J. Meador. 4 p., 11 plates, 1985.

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These cross sections were positioned to pass through most major oil fields-those with cumulative production of more than 10 million barrels of oil. Well logs (mostly gamma-ray/neutron or sonic) used are from the deepest available wells and are spaced approximately 5 mi apart. The cross sections and an accompanying stratigraphic chart were compiled with the aid of other published cross sections, paleontological data and cross sections from proprietary company files, compilations of oil-field studies, and records of the University Lands Office and the Railroad Commission of Texas. Information on major faults and other structures was also obtained from the above sources as well as the Bureau's Tectonic Map of Texas.

Funding was provided by the Texas Energy and Natural Resources Advisory Council.

Keywords: cross sections, Central Basin Platform, West Texas, Texas

Contents of Packet
   Cross Sections A-A' through K-K'

11 Cross Sections

Bebout, D. G., and Meador, K. J., 1985, Regional Cross Sections: Central Basin Platform, West Texas: The University of Texas at Austin, Bureau of Economic Geology, Cross Section 6, 4 p., 11 plates.

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