Annual Report 2016


Annual Report 2016. 52 p. Print Version.

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AR2016. 2016 Annual Report. 52 p. For a downloadable PDF, please order AR2016D.

Message from the Director
Technology Opens New Worlds in the Geosciences
     Bureau Welcomes New Associate Director Mark Shuster [with photo]
     Bureau Gets to Core of New Research Building [with rendering]
     DOE and Bureau Continue Successful Collaboration [with photo of Scott Tinker and Christopher Smith]
          Bureau Shale Study Receives DOE Grant
     TCCS Hosts International Meetings [with photo of Sergey Fomel and students]
     Bureau Team Expands Chinese Partnership [with photo of Scott Tinker and RIPED of Petrochina's Wenzhi Zhao]
     GCCC Leads International Carbon Storage Efforts [with photo of Katherine Romanak and group photo]
          Paris and Marrakech Climate Conferences
          International Workshop on Offshore CO2 Storage
          GCCC Awarded $2.5M DOE Grant for 3D Seismic Study
     Shell, Bureau Extend Partnership with SUTUR II
     Bureau Hosts First International Soil Modeling Consortium (ISMC) Conference [with group photo]
     Ambrose, Hentz Present STARR Results
     CEE Looks to Future of U.S. Electricity Markets [with photo of Michelle Foss and colleagues]
     RCRL Meets for Core Discussion [with four group photos]
     Milliken Explores Seismogenic Zone [with photos of Kitty Milliken and JOIDES Resolution]
Research Consortia
     Bureau Welcomes New Consortia Researchers [Carlos Torres-Verdín, Peter Hennings, Ellen Rathje, and Alexandros Savvaidis, with photos]
     Advanced Energy Consortium (AEC)
     Advanced Reservoir Geophysics (ARG)
     Applied Geodynamics Laboratory (AGL)
     Center for Energy Economics (CEE)
     Center for Integrated Seismicity Research (CISR)
     Deep Reservoir Quality Gulf of Mexico Sandstones
     Fracture Research and Application Consortium (FRAC)
     Gulf Coast Carbon Center (GCCC)
     Mudrock Systems Research Laboratory (MSRL)
     Quantitative Clastics Laboratory (QCL)
     Reservoir Characterization Research Laboratory (RCRL)
     State of Texas Advanced Oil and Gas Resource Recovery (STARR)
     Texas Consortium for Computational Seismology (TCCS)
     Tight Oil Resource Assessment (TORA)
Honors and Awards [all with photos]
      Scanlon Receives Top Science Honors
      2016 AAPG Michel T. Halbouty Outstanding Leadership Award: Scott W. Tinker
      AAPG Distinguished Service Awards: Steve Laubach and Peter Hennings
      Laubach, Young, Elected to GSA Fellowships
      [AAPG] Southwest Section A. I. Levorsen Memorial Award: Bill Ambrose
      A Warm Welcome Back and Honor for [Sharon] Campos
      Best GCAGS Poster Award: Bob Loucks and coauthors
      GCAGS Convention and Awards [Tinker, Woodruff, Loucks, Ambrose, Dutton]
      Bureau Publication Awards
         Tinker Family BEG Publication Award
         First Author Publication Awards
      New Orleans Geological Society Best Paper Award: Jake Covault
      Friend of Water-Rock Interaction Award: Katherine Romanak
      New Chair of Department of Geological Sciences: Charles Kerans
      Jackson School Outstanding Research Award: Sue Hovorka and GCCC team
Outreach, Events, and Meetings [all with photos]
       Jackson School Hosts 10th Anniversary Research Symposium
       Educational Workshops and Training
       Austin Earth Science Week Career Day
       UT Forum Tour: Osher Lifelong Learning Institute
       Explore UT: Discover What's Next
      4th Annual Bureau Research Symposium
      Texas GeoSign Project
      Texas Master Naturalists
      Texas High School Monitoring Program (THSCMP)
      A Gift That Keeps on Giving [UT Beats Notre Dame, Football Season Opener]
      Texas through Time
      Reports of Investigations
      Maps: BEG Maps Colorado River Basin with Lidar
      In Memoriam: Martin P. A. Jackson; Patricia (Pat) Alfano
      Retirements: Sharon Campos; James Donnelly; Patricia (Pat) Downs; Sharan Happel; Eric Potter; David M. Stephens
      Peer-Reviewed Publications by Bureau Researchers
Visiting Committee

Keywords: BEG, Bureau of Economic Geology, annual reports, Texas, Texas geology

Bureau of Economic Geology, John A. and Katherine G. Jackson School of Geosciences, The University of Texas at Austin, 2017, 2016 Annual Report, 47  p.

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