Annual Report 1975. Digital Download


Annual Report 1975. 42 p. Digital Version.

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AR1975D. Annual Report 1975. 42 p. Downloadable PDF.

About the Bureau (from the report)
The Bureau of Economic Geology, established in 1909 as the successor to the Texas Geological Survey and the Texas Mineral Survey, is a research entity of The University of Texas at Austin. It functions also as the State Geological Survey--a quasi-state agency--with membership on the State Interagency Council on Natural Resources and the Environment. The Bureau Director serves as State Geologist and represents Texas in the Association of American State Geologists.

The Bureau provides extensive advisory, technical, and information services relating to the geology and resources of Texas. In addition, it conducts a large number of basic and applied research projects in energy resources, land and environmental resources, nonfuel mineral resources, geohydrologic resources, mineral statistics, and systematic geologic and land resource mapping. Certain projects are conducted jointly with other units of the University as well as with State, Federal, and local governmental agencies.

The Bureau of Economic Geology publishes results of its research in its own series of Reports of Investigations, Atlases, Geological Circulars, Geologic Quadrangle Maps, Land Resources Laboratory Maps, Handbooks, Special Publications, and Mineral Resource Circulars. Publications are sold for a nominal price designed to recover printing costs.

About This Publication
The Annual Report of the Bureau of Economic Geology outlines the scope and status of current research programs and projects, publications, staff activities, and those services in the area of Texas geology and resources available to agencies, corporations, and the citizens of Texas. The Annual Report is available [here, as a downloadable PDF].

Fisher Appointed to Interior post; Groat named Acting Director [with photographs of W. L. Fisher and of L. F. Brown, Jr., E. G. Wermund, T. C. Gustavson, and C. G. Groat]
Publications in 1975
Publications in Press or in Final Preparation
Publications Reprinted
Special Limited-distribution Publications
Open-File Material
Papers by Bureau of Economic Geology Staff in Outside Publications
Advisory, Technical, and Information Services
Bureau News and Special Activities
Continuing Education and University Teaching
New Members of Research Staff [R. J. Finley, W. E. Galloway, R. G. Loucks, D. G. McKalips]
Bureau of Economic Geology Research Programs and Projects
Contracts and Grant Support
Cartographic Section [with photograph of Barbara K. Hartmann, James W. Macon, Dan F. Scranton, and Richard L. Dillon and photo of other Cartography staffers]
Well Sample and Core Library
Mineral Studies Laboratory [with photograph of Larry McGonagle and Dan Schofield and reflectance fluorometer
Staff Activities
Staff Lists [Part-Time and Full Time]

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Bureau of Economic Geology, The University of Texas at Austin, 1976, Annual Report 1975, 42 p.