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Annual Report 1970. Digital Version.

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About the Bureau (from the report)
The Bureau of Economic Geology is one of the organized research bureaus of The University of Texas. Established in 1909, it has for 62 years carried out the function of a State Geological Survey; its Director fills the position of State Geologist. The Bureau is engaged in a four-point program of research and public service in earth science and Texas mineral resources as follows: (1) basic geological research, (2) geology applied to resource and engineering problems, (3) systematic geologic mapping, and (4) public-service mineral information, identification and testing, and compilation of mineral statistics. The Bureau participates in other University research efforts in the fields of resources and earth sciences, such as the Center for Research in Water Resources. The Bureau publishes major reports in The University of Texas Publication series; it also has its own series of Reports of Investigations, Geologic Quadrangle Maps, Guidebooks, Geological Circulars, and Mineral Resource Circulars. The Guidebooks include nontechnical publications of general interest.

The geologic data developed by the Bureau of Economic Geology in the form of scientific reports and geologic maps are used by many State and Federal organizations in carrying out investigations in the public service. The Texas Water Development Board, Texas Highway Department,  Parks and Wildlife Department, Texas Industrial Commission, Railroad Commission, and numerous other State departments,  boards, conservation organizations, water districts, and chambers of commerce utilize Bureau publications and services on both a formal and informal basis through interagency contracts and staff conferences. The Bureau also cooperates with Federal agencies, such as the Geological Survey, Bureau of Mines, Bureau of Reclamation, Corps of Engineers, and National Park Service. The mineral and geological information service offered by the Bureau of Economic Geology is used by private groups, corporations, and citizens through correspondence and conference.

Table of Organization and Statement about the Bureau
Publications in 1970
Publications in Press
Open-File Reports
Publications by Bureau of Economic Geology Staff in Scientific Journals
Flawn Appointed Vice-President for Academic Affairs
Fisher Appointed Acting Director
Environmental Geologic Atlas of the Texas Coastal Zone
Index [Map] to an Environmental Geologic Atlas, Texas Coastal Zone
[Chart of] Sources and Flow of Data for Texas Coastal Environmental Atlas
Well Sample an Core Library Receives Collections
New UT Austin Division Established
Fisher Lectures for AAPG
Bureau Contributes to INRC Report
Bureau Repeats Delta Colloquium
Bureau of Economic Geology Current Projects
Mineral Studies Laboratory
Well Sample and Core Library
Public Service
Staff Activities
Staff List

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Bureau of Economic Geology, The University of Texas at Austin, 1971, Annual Report 1970, 25 p.