Bureau of Economic Geology Report for 1962. Digital Download


Bureau of Economic Geology Report for 1962. Digital Version.

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AR1962D. Bureau of Economic Geology Report for 1962. Downloadable PDF.


About This Publication (from the front matter)
The Bureau of Economic Geology is one of the organized research bureaus of The University of Texas. Established in 1909, it has for 53 years carried out the function of a State Geological Survey; its Director fills the position of State geologist. The Bureau is engaged in a four-point program of research and public service in earth science and Texas mineral resources as follows: (1) basic geological research, (2) investigation of mineral deposits, (3) systematic geologic mapping, and (4) public service mineral information, identification and testing, and compilation of mineral statistics. As a part of its effort, the Bureau publishes major reports in The University of Texas publication series; it also has its own series of Reports of Investigation, Geologic Quadrangle Maps, Guidebooks, and Mineral Resource Circulars. The Guidebooks include non-technical publications of general interest.

The Bureau has offices on the Little Campus as well as a Mineral Studies Laboratory and Well Sample and Core Library at the Balcones Research Center.

Table of Organization and Statement About the Bureau
Publications in 1962
Publications in Press in 1962
Publications by Bureau of Economic Geology Staff in Scientific Journals
Status of Current Projects
Mineral Resources in East Texas Project
Texas Geologic Atlas Project
Well Sample and Core Library
Progress in Compiling Texas Geologic Atlas
Mineral Studies Laboratory
New X-Ray Diffraction and Fluorescence Equipment
National Science Foundation Grants in the Bureau of Economic Geology
Bureau Will Occupy New Quarters in Will C. Hogg Building
Bureau Exhibit
Bureau Employees Receive Merit Awards
Staff Activities
Texas Mineral Industry News
Staff List

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Bureau of Economic Geology, The University of Texas, 1963, Bureau of Economic Geology Report for 1962. [[17 p.].