Annual Report 2004. Digital Download


Annual Report, 2004. 20 p. Digital Version.

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AR2004D. Annual Report 2004. 20 p. Downloadable PDF.

Front matter

Director's Message

Organizational Highlights
   First Decision Makers Field Conference: Central Texas Natural Resources held in April
   Ian Duncan Became Associate Director for Environment and Earth Systems [with photograph]
   Houston Research Center Grand Opening
   Awards and Honors [ with photos: Bill Ambrose; Frank Brown, Bob Loucks, and Ramon Trevino; Sergey Fomel; Bob Loucks and Charlie Kerans; Jerry Lucia; Kristine Mize, Lesli Wood, and Paul Mann; Doug Ratcliff, Steve Ruppel; Ron Russell; Bridget Scanlon; Scott Tinker; Jenny Turner; Hongliu Zeng and Charlie Kerans
   Changes in Bureau Staff [with photos: Steve Ruppel and Jerry Lucia; Alan Lee Brown: Ian Duncan; David Pyles; Diana Sava; Paul Sava; Mark Tomasso; Sharon Campos; Nancy Cottington; Nathan Ivicic; David Jordan; Tom Markowshiki; Joseph Su; Dan Schultz-Ela and Bruno Vendeville; Alan Dutton]

   Environment and Earth Systems
   Saving the Environment by Turning a Waste Stream into a Profit Stream, by Ian Duncan [with photos of GCCC researchers Sue Hovorka, Alan Brown, Mark Holtz, Eugene Kim, Seay Nance, J. P. Nicot, Shinichi Sakurai, Scott Tinker, and Laura Zahm]

Public Outreach and Education
   Earth Science Week
   University Lands Advanced Resource Recovery Initiative

Public Information Resources
   Core Research Centers
   Data Center [Sigrid Clift] and Gesphysical Log Facility [Daniel Ortuno]
   Publication Sales [Amanda Masterson]
      Administrative [Wanda LaPlante]
      Contract Management [Lynda Miller]
      Facilities Management [George Bush]
      Media and Information Technologies [John Els, Joel Lardon, Scott Rodgers]
      Software Support

Bureau Finances and Staff

In Memoriam [with photos]: Josephine Casey (1907-2004); Keith Young (1918-2004)

Keywords: BEG, Bureau of Economic Geology, annual reports, Texas, Texas geology

Bureau of Economic Geology, John A. and Katherine G. Jackson School of Geosciences, The University of Texas at Austin, 2005, Annual Report 2004, 20  p.