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Annual Report 2013. 40 p. Digital Version.

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   AR2013D. Annual Report 2013. 40 p. Downloadable PDF. 

Message from Our Director: Service to Society
   Science for Energy & Policy
     Project STARR
     U.S. Shale Gas
     Expert Testimony and Government Committee Service [with photo of Scott Tinker with legislators]
     New Scanning Electron Microscope Technologies for Understanding of Shales
   Mapping & Remote Sensing
     Near-Surface Observatory
     Mineral Resources Program
     Geologic Mapping
   The Water-Energy Nexus
     Drought and the Water-Energy Nexus in Texas
     Surface Casing Estimator Site
Environmental Research & Hazard Mitigation
     Carbon Injection and Monitoring at Cranfield, Mississippi [with photo of Sue Hovorka, Becky Smyth, and others]
     Gulf of Mexico Seismic Data-Collection Cruise
     Soil-Gas Monitoring for CO2 Retention [with photo of Katherine Romanak]
     Texas Water Resources and Endangered Aquatic Species
     Wink Sinkholes Research
     Ground-Water Aquifer Stratigraphy
Resources for the Public
     Core and Sample Repositories
     Geophysical Log Facility
Assisting the General Public
     Upcoming Geology of Texas Book and Website
     Switch: Shaping the Global Energy Discussion
     BEGstore: Official Store of the Bureau of Economic Geology [with photo of Resource Center Team: Amanda Masterson, Dennis Campa, Daniel Ortuno, Bill Molthen, and Linda Ruiz McCall]
Education and Outreach [with various photos]
Developing Future Scientists
     GeoFORCE Texas
     Texas High School Coastal Monitoring Program
     3D Outreach
     Explore UT
     Earth Science Career Day
Grants & Funding
     RPSEA Grant for Bureau Researchers [with photos of J.-P. Nicot, Bridget Scanlon, and Ian Duncan]
     Yanchang Petroleum Signs Major Agreement with BEG [with photo of Jay Kipper, Harry Rowe. Eric Potter, and others]
      Meetings, Programs, & Events
            U.S. Department of Energy Officials Visit the Bureau[with photo of Scott Tinker and others]
            BEG Hosts Industry Day 2013 [with photos of Bill Mullican and James Donnelly, Gregg Robertson,
Scott Tinker, and Eric Potter]
            BEG Houston Research Center Hosts CoreFest [with photo of Michael Young, Eric Potter, Beverly DeJarnett, and visitors]
            AEC Establishes Cutting-Edge Nanotechnology Lab [with photo of Mohsen Ahmadian and others]
            Deep Shelf Gas Publishes Report of Investigations No. 278
            Center for Energy Economics Predicts Increased Natural Gas Demand [with photo of Michelle Foss and Gurcen Gulen]
            GeoFluids: Cutting-Edge Equipment Measures Shale Permeability
            BEG Co-Sponsors Beijing Symposium [with photo of Eric Potter]
            Foss Takes Lead Role at LNG 17 Conference [with photo of Michelle Foss]
            Laubach Serves as Theme Chair at First URTeC [with photo of Steve Laubach]
Awards and Honors


Visiting Committee [with photo]

Bureau Finances

Bureau Contact Information

In Memoriam: Paul Knox

Keywords: BEG, Bureau of Economic Geology, annual reports, Texas, Texas geology

Bureau of Economic Geology, John A. and Katherine G. Jackson School of Geosciences, The University of Texas at Austin, 2014, Annual Report 2013, 40  p.

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