Annual Report 2008. Digital Download


Annual Report 2008. 32 p. Digital Version.

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AR2008D. Annual Report 2008. 32 p. Downloadable PDF.

Director's Message

Bureau Highlights
    The Bureau Centennial Celebration [with photos of 15 planners and speakers]
    Farewell to Dean Barron [with photo of Scott Tinker and Eric Barron]
    Bureau and ExxonMobil Forge an Alliance for Research on Unconventional Gas [with photo of Bob Hardage]
    RCRL Drills for Better Characterization of Ancient Carbonates [with photo of Jerry Bellian]
    Bureau to Host Symposium on Submarine Mass Movements [with photo of Lorena Moscardelli]
    EGL Gets Donation [with photo of Bob Hardage and Ascend Geo LLC CEO Larry Denver]

Bureau Stars in the Media [with photos of Scott Tinker, Jerry Bellian, Dallas Dunlap, Reuben Reyes, Jeff Paine and Ramon Trevino, Sue Hovorka, and Steve Ruppel and Jerry Bellian]

Integration and Cooperation, Bureau-Style
     Advanced Energy Consortium (AEC) with text by and photos of Jay Kipper and Sean Murphy
     State of Texas Advanced Resource Recovery Project in Texas---STARRs of Multidisciplinary Success [with text by and photos of Ursula Hammes, Bob Loucks, and Bill Ambrose]
      Integration and Teamwork in Fracture Research [with text by and photo of Steve Laubach]
      Integrated Evaluation of Deep Shelf Gas Plays [with text by and photos of Shirley Dutton, Bob Loucks, and Angela McDonnell]
      Expansion of Bureau Water-Resources Research Program to Developing Countries [with text by and photo of Bridget Scanlon]
      Collaborative Response to Texas Geohazards: Sinkholes and Storms [ with text by and photo of Jeff Paine]
      IT-STARR Integration [with text by and photo of Dallas Dunlap]
      Gulf Coast Carbon Center: Integrating Teamwork and Know-How [with text by and photos of Sue Hovorka and Ian Duncan]
      Media Services---Geophysics Collaboration [with text by and photos of Joel Lardon and Bob Hardage]
International Travel [with photos of Scott Tinker, Michelle Michot Foss, Paul Chang and Sean Murphy. Fares Howard, Marin Jackson, and Xavier Janson]

Public Outreach & Education
      Explore UT: The Biggest Open House in Texas [with photos of Sigrid Clift and Sue Hovorka]
      Bureau Hosts Scientific Software Day [with photo of Sergey Fomel]
      Annual CAST Science Teachers' Conference [with photo of Sigrid Clift]
      Texas High School Monitoring Program (THSCMP) [ with photo of Tiffany Caudle and students]

    Awards and Honors [with photos of all award winners]
       Sigrid Clift and Steve Ruppel
       Sue Hovorka
       Bob Hardage
       Tim Dooley, Mike Hudec, and Martin Jackson
       Sergey Fomel
       Martin Jackson
       Steve Laubach
       Bob Loucks
       Bridget Scanon
       Hongliu Zeng, Bob Loucks, and Uschi Hammes
       Lesli Wood; and students
       Beatriz Garcia-Lopez and Jerry Lucia
       FRAC Students
       Wanda LaPlante - Jackson School Staff Excellence Award [ and photo with husband Chris]

Bureau Transitions
        New Research Staff [with photos of Bruce Cutright, Qilong Fu, Farzam Javadpour, Brandon Johnson, Kitty Milliken, Katherine Romanak, Changbing Yang, Tongwei Zhang, Sami Akasheh, Jong-Won Choi, Andras Fall, Svetlana Ikonnikova, Woodong Jung, Laurent Longuevergne, Jiemin Lu]

        New Support Staff [with photos]: Mark Andrews, Kenneth Edwards, Beth Ellison, Stephaine Lane, Caryn Mills, Sheila Phillips

        Hasta La Vista, Jerry! [with photo of Jerry Lucia and his wife]

Peer-Reviewed Publications by Bureau Researchers

Bureau Publications

Bureau of Economic Geology Visiting Committee Members

Bureau Finances and Staff Trends

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Bureau of Economic Geology, John A. and Katherine G. Jackson School of Geosciences, The University of Texas at Austin, 2009, Annual Report 2008, 32 p.