Thematic Maps

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SM0100. Set of all 11 Thematic Texas Maps (page-sized)


SM0100. All 11 page-sized Texas thematic maps.

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SM0100. All 11 page-sized Texas thematic maps.

About This Product
This item consists of 1 copy each of these 8.5-by-11-inch color maps, compiled by various authors and published in 1999-2010:

Geology of Texas (SM0002)
Tectonic Map of Texas (SM0004)
Physiographic Map of Texas (SM0005)
River Basin Map of Texas (SM0006)
Land Resources of Texas (SM0007)
Vegetation/Cover Types of Texas (SM0008)
Aquifers of Texas (SM0009)
Oil and Gas Map of Texas (SM0010)
Industrial Minerals of Texas (SM011)
General Soil Map of Texas (SM0012)
Ecoregions of Texas Map (SM0013).

For free downloads of individual maps, please see each item's "D" version (for example, SM0002D, etc.)

For a set of all 11 of these maps in poster sizes (~3 ft wide by 4 feet long), please order SM0100P.

Keywords: maps, geologic maps, tectonic maps, physiographic maps, river basin maps, land resources maps, vegetation maps, land cover maps, aquifer maps, oil and gas maps, industrial mineral, soil maps, ecoregions maps